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Jul 25, 2022

Matthew Green is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at John Hopkins University, where he teaches courses, cryptography, distributed computing systems, blockchains, and cryptocurrency. He also helped create Zerocash, one of the first privacy cryptocurrency experiments, and ultimately influenced the Zcash protocol.

He recently wrote an article titled, “In Defense of Crypto(Currency)”, in response to an open letter to Congress, signed by a large group of technologists, denouncing the entire premise of cryptocurrency and urging congress to strongly regulate the space.

In this episode, Matthew talks about his article, how crypto can do better as an industry, and why to be optimistic about the future of crypto.


Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
6:34 Letter to Congress
12:27 Matthew’s Background
15:45 Why Write This Letter
19:03 Crypto Haters
24:14 What to do About Scams
28:45 Regulation
32:28 Addressing Concrete Objections
35:36 PoW Climate Issue
38:06 Blockchains Transfer Reversal
45:50 Crypto Doesn’t Scale Claim
50:42 Privacy Claims
1:02:43 Annoying Hype
1:05:50 Doing Better as an Industry
1:10:25 Matthew’s Favorite Project
1:14:58 Why Be Optimistic About Crypto
1:17:13 Closing & Disclaimers


Matthew Green 

Letter to Congress 

In Defense of Crypto(Currency) 

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