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Aug 3, 2020

Episode: #24
August 3, 2020


Tools from our sponsors to go bankless:


Erik's been journeying into the bankless frontier since 2011. That's when he first discovered bitcoin.

The open road. The unsettled whitespace. The westward trail. The highway to freedom. That's why he's here.

And he's remained true to his values.

That's why he speaks out against tyranny. That's why he embraces self-sovereign money and pokes holes in the myths of fiat. That's why he so ardently rejects maximalism. 

Enjoy our conversation with one of cryptos original settlers. 

We cover:

  • Erik's journey into the bankless frontier
  • The libertarian values in the code
  • Why America isn't capitalist
  • Why flag bucks are destined for collapse
  • Gold, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • 4 categories of coins
  • Crypto vs the final boss
  • China vs America
  • Why Maximalists lost the plot
  • How Shapeshift helps us go bankless

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Resources discussed:

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