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Aug 17, 2020

Episode: #26
August 18, 2020


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What are the paradigms for investing in DeFi?

Charlie is an exceptionally bright & thoughtful investor in crypto assets at of the leading investment firms in the crypto space. We talk institutions, yield farming, and DeFi protocols...and then we get into one of our favorite subjects.

Is ETH money?

Or rather, does ETH need to be money in order to secure itself?

What is dirty little secret many Ethereans and Bitcoiners don't admit? Why is moneyness and security two sides of the same coin? Why won't transaction fees secure Bitcoin?

This episode goes from amazing. You won't find this depth of discussion anywhere else. Stay tuned to the very end to catch the conversation on economic security. 

We cover:

  • Starting in crypto at age 11
  • Gen Z and crypto 
  • How Institutions see crypto
  • Futility tokens are futile
  • Is Uniswap the last word on AMMs?
  • RAI vs DAI
  • Money gams & accounting tricks
  • Yield farming for yield farming sake
  • Why we're not in a bubble yet
  • Why Ether has to be money (or bust)
  • Cosmos and Ethereum alternatives
  • Not bullish on Eth2 timeline

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Resources discussed:

Episode Actions:

  1. Read "Bitcoin for the Open-Minded Skeptic” by Paradigm
  2. Articles Charlie mentioned to understand economic security:
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