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Jun 21, 2024

Bankless Friday Weekly Rollup 
3rd Week of June 2024

The SEC drops all charges against Ethereum 2.0—could it now be recognized as a commodity? Plus, hints surface about the launch date of the ETH ETF!

Airdrop season is still alive and well! LayerZero and zkSync tokens launched recently. Find out if you’re eligible...

Jun 19, 2024

Sam Jernigan, the “Unofficial ETH Maxi of Wall Street”, has been evangelizing Ethereum to institutional funds and billionaires from inside the house for the past five years.

Having the perfect blend of deep Ethereum knowledge and the full Wall Street experience, Sam guides us through how he became an ETH Maxi, why...

Jun 18, 2024

In this episode, David Hoffman is joined by Matthew Sigel, Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck, to unpack VanEck's groundbreaking ETH 2030 report. They discuss the $154,000 bull case, $22,000 base case, and $340 bear case for Ethereum, and the factors behind these predictions. 

Matthew dives deep into the role of...

Jun 17, 2024

Now that CZ is gone, who’s going to fill his shoes?

His name is Richard Teng, the new Binance CEO. He’s joining the podcast today to not only share the story of how he got here, but also to define his vision for the future of Binance.

We ask him:
Who is Richard Teng?
What was it like to work with CZ?

Jun 14, 2024

Bankless Friday Weekly Rollup 
2nd Week of June 2024

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