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Aug 24, 2020

Episode: #27
August 24, 2020


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Haseeb Qureshi likes the question: what did I miss? That's how he improves his mental model for investing in crypto. That's how he sharpens his mind. 

That's how this former Airbnb developer and professional poker play became a notable investor at DragonFly Capital.

And that's where we start the conversation.

It leads us into a discussion on Uniswap and automated market makers, and why he thinks Uniswap will be unbundled. Which leads into Ethereum scaling, DeFi in Eth2, and an articulation of the clearest analogy for DeFi scalability in Etheruem that we've ever heard.

Use this episode to sharpen your crypto investing mind.

We cover:

  • The big thing Haseeb missed
  • Explain Uniswap like I'm 5
  • Why AMMs are eating orderbook exchanges
  • The Unbundling of Uniswap
  • Smart Automated Market Makers (SAMMs!)
  • DeFi in Eth2: Cities, suburbs, and farms
  • Economic load balancing across shards
  • Layer 2 as the shopping malls
  • The Shard for crypto banks
  • What about the ETH killers?
  • Sorry boys...ETH ain't money
  • Haseeb's High conviction Bets

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  2. Read What explains the rise of AMMs?
  3. Read Unbundling Uniswap
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