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Jul 27, 2020

Episode: #23
July 27, 2020


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Joey Krug was doing DeFi before they called it DeFi. He's the co-founder of Augur, an investor at Pantera, an early supporter of Ethereum. 

What did we cover? Ethereum, Oracles, DeFi, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ampleforth, Memes, Risk, Triple Point Asset, YFI, Scaling...what didn't we cover!

After the convo, Joey said we asked the best questions of any podcast he's been on. Maybe it felt that way because we we're speaking the same language: this DeFi is eating the world. 

This is Investing in DeFi with Joey Krug. 

We cover:

  • Joey's investment thesis for crypto
  • How to invest in DeFi
  • Yield farming a gimmick?
  • Is AMPL for real?
  • DeFi oracles (and ChainLink!)
  • Excited about Augur v2?
  • A 100 Gwei world
  • Is ETH a triple point asset?
  • BTC or ETH?
  • The next DeFi hack

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Resources discussed:

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