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Apr 27, 2020

Episode: #9
April 27, 2020

Ryan & David talk with Mariano Conti about Dai, Maker, & his epic bankless journey. Learn how Maker can help you go bankless through this conversation with Mariano.

We talk:

  • Mariano's life in midst of Argentina's capital controls
  • Why Mariano moved from Bitcoin to DAI and Ether
  • The components...

Apr 13, 2020

Episode: #7
April 13, 2020

Ether has some native mechanisms that contribute to its scarcity and value. David and Ryan explore these value mechanisms and compare/contrast them with money printer go brrrr.

This episode covers:
  • 1. Scarcity mechanisms and fair games
  • 2. Ether’s value mechanisms
  • 3. How USD will fare...

Apr 6, 2020

Episode: #6
April 6, 2020

Different Ethereum applications require different amounts of trust, depending on how each app is designed. This episode discusses how to think and measure the trustlessness of each app, and where the humans and computers meet. 


Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: