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Feb 29, 2024

Chris Perkins has a fascinating background as a marine who was shot at in Iraq, was at Lehman bros when it all came crashing down, was a Citigroup trying to pick up the piece of the financial crisis where he first ran across Gary Gensler, and now he’s in crypto. We talk about all that, but that’s not even the main...

Feb 28, 2024

In today’s episode, we do a shared sequencing deep dive with repeat guest, Mr. Moonmath himself, the Blockchain Brainiac, and the Ethereum Evangelist– Justin "The Juggernaut" Drake. Justin is joined by The Sultan of Sequencing, the Espresso Emperor, the Cross-Rollup Connoisseur himself, Ben, the Blockchain...

Feb 27, 2024

Nic Carter rejoins the podcast to discuss Bitcoin’s second civil war. When did it begin? Where are the party lines drawn? How will it end? Possible solutions? David and Nic dig into all of these questions and much more. 

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Feb 26, 2024

What’s Data Availability (DA) and what’s its Business Model?

In this episode we’re welcomed by Jon Charbonneau, researcher-investor at DBA and Neel Somani, CEO of Eclipse.

We unpack everything Data Availability from what it unlocks to its economics. We also get into the DA Market covering participants like...

Feb 23, 2024

Last Week of February 2024


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