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Apr 20, 2020

Episode: #8
April 20, 2020

Where the rubber meets the road... this episode is all about both the mental mindset and the actual tools needed to go Bankless. 
Bankless is a state of mind! It's a lifestyle centered around independence and freedom! This episode discusses the tools that you can use in your life to support that mindset and enable Bankless growth. 

How to go bankless:
  1. Start with why (“goals”)
  2. Set a weekly plan (“process”)
  3. Start doing things (“implement”)
  4. Measure outcomes (“measure”)


Tools from our sponsors to go bankless:

Episode Actions:

  1. Set goals & commit to level-up weekly
  2. Read articles:
  3. Download Argent Wallet
  4. Set up your own ENS name
  5. Give Bankless 5 stars on iTunes

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