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Aug 17, 2020

Kain Warwick, Founder of the Synthetix Platform, presents himself to the Bankless Nation for a live AMA!

We ask him anything! No question off limits. 

This is a BONUS episode. Regular podcast episode (#26) will be released tomorrow.



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We do AMAs every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. 

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Here's the video recording

Kain is the founder of Snythetix, a popular synthetics and derivatives market on Ethereum. The Bankless Nation asks him questions about:

  1. High gas fees
  2. yams lol
  3. Yield farming
  4. Future vision for synthetics
  5. DeF in a Layer 2
  6. Central bank digital currencies
  7. The final boss
  8. Eth2
  9. What he learned from 2017
  10. Bull market price predictions!

And more....


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